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Tierra del Agua complies with the obligations and recommendations of the National Protocols for Rural Accommodation and Restaurants and also evaluates exposure situations within its Covid-19 Prevention Service. All staff have accredited training in prevention measures against the virus.

The facilities are cleaned with authorised virucidal products, followed by disinfection with Ozone certified pursuant to the AENOR UNE 400-201-94 standard. The apartment is sealed until your arrival. You can access a WHO scientific report here.

To avoid cross contamination, reception staff will not accompany you to the apartment as usual, instead there is an explanatory “check in” video in the Junior Suite and Family/Home Suite along with useful information.

As for restaurant services, here is the menu available for room service, the terrace and indoor common facilities, maintaining the safety distance between tables established by the Asturias Principality, with maximum groups of 10 people at this time. There is also a picnic menu for the mountains and full refrigerator service.

The SPA Wellness services, Nordic bathtub and massages will continue to be available in private, with prior booking. The infinity pool, only accessible to guests, will operate with 70% capacity upon booking. Group activities such as yoga are limited to a maximum of 10 people, maintaining safety distances.

The following measures will also be taken to ensure your safety:

Your temperature will be taken upon arrival at check in and a rapid covid-19 test is optionally available at a cost of €18.15. If the results are positive, taking social responsibility into account (protection of other guests, workers and the aging rural population of the territory in which Tierra del Agua is located), we would appreciate you not accessing the facilities and contacting the health services.

  • Maintain the safety distance of 1.5m.
  • Individual use of the common toilets in the bar
  • Extreme hand washing and disinfection with the hydro-alcoholic gel dispensers available throughout the complex.
  • Always wait to be attended by staff. You will be escorted to the assigned table, previously cleaned and disinfected.
  • Don’t allow children to roam the premises. To facilitate control, terraces have been limited with physical plant barriers.
  • If you show symptoms of possible infection during your stay, please advise a staff member so that we can measure your temperature, provide a mask, isolate the apartment and notify the corresponding health centres and prevention service until they tell us how to proceed.

Thank you for placing your trust in Tierra del Agua in these uncommon times and enjoy your stay!

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